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CJ McCollum: T’Wolves should have had to forfeit postponed game

The Minnesota Timberwolves-Portland Trail Blazers game that was postponed earlier this week due to unsafe playing conditions at Target Center has been officially rescheduled. And Blazers guard CJ McCollum isn’t happy about it one bit.

The Timberwolves, along with the Trail Blazers, made the announcement via Twitter that the game would be made up on April 3, a scheduled off-night for all NBA teams.

The Wolves-Blazers tilt, originally set to be played last Monday, was canceled due to slippery floor conditions brought on by a sheet of ice underneath the hardwood that had been installed for Disney on Ice performances. The ice sheet wasn’t removed due to an upcoming hockey tournament.

An unfortunate confluence of factors caused condensation on the court. Despite the best efforts of arena staff, the surface was rendered unsafe and unplayable.

After players from both squads, among others, expressed concern over the conditions, common sense prevailed and the game was postponed.

But McCollum doesn’t think the game simply should have been postponed and rescheduled. Instead, he believes the T’Wolves should have had to forfeit the game.

While MCollum is understandably frustrated by having to return to Minnesota to play the game, it doesn’t seem fair to punish the Timberwolves team for circumstances beyond their control. In fact, the exact same scenario played out with the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this season.

McCollum’s frustration may stem in part from how the rescheduled game creates back-to-back road games for the Blazers with a game on April 4 against the Utah Jazz. It also trims an originally scheduled three days off into only one.

It’s worth noting, though, the Timberwolves will play against the Golden State Warriors on the road the following day as well.

Given the Blazers (27-35, 9th in the West) and Wolves (26-37, 11th) are in the hunt for eighth seed in the conference, the rescheduled game may be that much more compelling in a few weeks.