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Rob Gronkowski hears ‘Chug it!’ chants from schoolchildren (vid)

Rob Gronkowski is well-known for his many charitable endeavors and the New England Patriots tight end was back at on Tuesday. He has also cultivated a party-hearty reputation. Both aspects of his personality recently inspired some elementary schoolchildren, albeit in a potentially awkward way.

Gronkowski made an appearance this week at Sheffield Elementary in Turners Falls, Mass., to congratulate the school for raising more than $17,000 during their Buzz Off charity event in January. The event involves participants shaving off their hair to raise money for pediatric cancer organization One Mission, a cause near and dear to Gronkowki’s heart.

More details from Gronk’s appearance, via the Boston Herald:

Gronk answered some pretty tough questions from the young audience, revealing his favorite pre-game snack — a PB and J sandwich and chocolate milk — and favorite ice cream flavor, Cookies and Cream.

Fantastic. But what had to be the best part of the event is how Gronkowski was met with “Chug it! Chug it! Chug it!” chants from the kids. Gronk of course was more than happy to oblige, wrapping it up with a patented spike.

As noted in the tweet, Gronkowski opted to chug water as opposed to one of his … other favorite chugging beverages. Given there were kids present, it of course was the right call.

Still, kudos to Gronk for all his charitable endeavors … even those that don’t involve chugging or spiking or any other Gronk-related high jinks.

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