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Michael Jordan’s private jet gets sneaker print-themed paint job (pics)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Michael Jordan flies in style. And now, MJ takes to the sky in a private jet that resembles an airborne version of one his iconic shoes thanks to a new paint job.

Photos have surfaced recently of Jordan’s G550 jet bearing a new “elephant print” design theme that mimics a Jordan Brand sneaker style.

Steelworks Unlimited owner and founder Scott Waters posted images of the new paint design to the company’s Instagram page.

Wow, Urban Camouflage? MJ upgraded planes and paint!

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MJ G550 head on, the pattern rolls underneath also…..

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MJ G550, crazy paint design all over, top, bottom, under wings, gear doors…..Painters Nightmare!

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It can be confirmed that the elephant print-themed jet is the same plane that once was North Carolina powder blue and white thanks to the N236MJ registration number (notice the “MJ” in it?) on the tail.

The Jumpman logo on the tail also remains, as it should. Let’s just say that when the Charlotte Hornets owner flies the friendly skies, he’s doing so in a style and with flash that’s befitting of the legendary passenger.

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