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Would Bryce Harper shave beard, keep hair trimmed to join Yankees?

The possibility of Bryce Harper joining the New York Yankees has long titillated a lot of baseball fans, or at least piqued the interest of many. The Washington Nationals slugger has never shied away from the fact he grew up a Yankees fan.

And while it seems trivial, almost absurd, recent developments in the Yankees organization beg one curious question: Would Harper, whose devotion to his well-groomed hair is well-documented, adhere to the team’s strict and draconian hair policy?

The Yankees’ code regarding hair, which prohibits facial hair below the lip, long sideburns and hair past the shoulders, has become something of a talker this spring training (more on that here and here and here).

For some reason, Yankees relief pitcher Chasen Shreve, a friend of Harper’s, was asked whether the slugger would ever let the team’s hair policy stand in the way of signing with the team.

“Bryce is kind of guy who loves his team, whoever he’s playing for,” Shreve said, via “So I don’t think it would be a problem for him to shave his beard. I think his hair would be fine here, but sometimes it’s gets long and out of control. I think he would have no problem with it if he signed here.”

Shreve did acknowledge, though, that Harper indeed has a thing for his hair.

“He likes it,” Shreve said of his pal’s hair. “I like it, too. He’s not crazy about it or anything. He doesn’t have some weird thing where he has to have his hair right or his beard trimmed or anything like that, that I know of. I think he’d be fine. Like I said, I think it’s more about, if he signed here, he’d be committed to the team, he’d be committed to the rules.”

Harper, who will be a free agent in 2018, could very well end up in pinstripes. To even ask whether the Yankees’ hair policy may be a roadblock would be a “Clown question, Bro.”