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Tony Romo returns to Instagram to post another adorable dad video

Tony Romo made his Instagram debut last week with a video featuring adorable sons Hawkins and Rivers tossing around the old pigskin.

The soon-to-be former Dallas Cowboys quarterback — no matter what Jerry Jones claims — returned to the Instagram Tuesday to post yet another video, this time featuring Hawkins delivering a humorously devastating blow to his old man.

The dialogue between father and son revolves around Hawkins’ evident affinity for his uncle, Chase Crawford, of “Gossip Girl” fame. Hawk apparently favors Uncle Chase over his dad for a simple reason, telling Romo that Chase is “way bigger than you.”

Hawk consoles his dad by saying, “When you’re taller than Chase I’ll love you more,” and that Romo will be taller one day after growing up.

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“Hawk had just gotten back from a trip with his uncle Chace. He really wanted to tell me why he loved uncle chace more than his father, Romo writes in the post. “By the end I convinced him his dad is the best…so far.”

It’s all very adorable stuff, to say the least.

Romo obviously will be embarking on the next stage of his NFL career. While the speculation and rumors are nearly too numerous to mention (more on that here and here), it’s all but certain Romo will be wearing another NFL jersey, although Candice has other suggestions as well if that doesn’t pan out.

But as demonstrated by his great Instagram posts, despite all the drama surrounding his career — not to mention how a new addition to his family is on the way — Romo is allowing his family to provide a great source of comfort.