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Kyle Lowry to critics of wrist surgery timing: ‘Come say it to my face’

Kyle Lowry has been criticized for the timing of his wrist surgery last week due in large part to the events that preceded it. Now the Toronto Raptors guard is firing back.

Lowry underwent wrist surgery on Feb. 28 to remove “loose bodies” from his right wrist and the hope is he will be back come playoff time.

What prompted the controversy is how Lowry participated in NBA All-Star Game festivities the previous weekend, including the 3-Point Contest and the actual game on Sunday. Making matters worse, Lowry apparently got in a game of golf the following Monday before returning to the team.

Lowry evidently further aggravated his wrist injury in the team’s last game before the All-Star break. He was seen icing his wrist while warming up for the 3-Point Contest, as well as during Sunday’s game.

Still, Lowry doesn’t understand all the backlash, even though he claims not to have heard any of it.

“I didn’t pay no attention to it to be honest,” Lowry said, via the Toronto Sun. “I enjoyed my all-star weekend. If anybody had any problem with it, come say it to my face. That’s how I feel.”

Lowry stated the ultimate need for surgery involved a “10-year process” of “wear and tear.” There is no target date for Lowry’s return but he said he’ll be”fully healthy” before doing so.

The Raptors (37-26) have gone 4-2 in Lowry’s absence and currently sit as the East’s fourth seed. Lowry added the squad is “doing an unbelievable job.”

Despite Lowry’s protestations, it’s understandable why Raptors fans and the Toronto media and the like would question the timing of the surgery. But as Lowry noted, the need for wrist surgery stemmed from a repetitive use injury. If that’s true, Lowry’s participation in All-Star Weekend events arguably had minimal effect on the timing of things.

On the other hand, it’s completely understandable that some thing Lowry’s participation in All-Star Weekend doesn’t look good in hindsight.

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