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Reporter doesn’t realize he’s interviewing Adrian Peterson (vid)

FOX 26 Houston KRIV reporter John Donnelly was doing one of those patented “Person on the Street” segments recently and found himself blissfully unaware he was interviewing NFL superstar Adrian Peterson.

In a segment that appeared to be about road rage, Donnelly engaged the soon-to-be former Minnesota Vikings running back on the subject. Once Peterson provided some thoughtful remarks on the topic, Donnelly asked for the name of his interviewee.

“Adrian Peterson,” the running back replied.

“Wait a minute, you’re not…” Donnelly said, eliciting a chuckle out of Peterson before replying, “Yeah.”

“Here I am interviewing people on the street and not realizing I’d stopped a celebrity,” Donnelly writes on Facebook. “Enjoy the awkwardness!

Enjoy the awkwardness, indeed.

Peterson of course hails from nearby Palestine, Texas, about 150 miles out of Houston. What does it take for a future Hall of Famer to be recognized in his own neck of the woods, for crying out loud, right?

Unfortunately for Donnelly, he missed out on an opportunity to break one of the biggest stories of the NFL offseason. If he only had asked the impending free agent where he’ll be playing next season…

Woulda coulda shoulda.