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Larry Brown: Phil Jackson should coach Knicks if he wants triangle offense

Coaching icon Larry Brown has a suggestion for Phil Jackson: If the New York Knicks president wants the team to run the triangle offense so badly, perhaps he should take over as head coach.

The Knicks are fully committing to running the triangle offense for the balance of the season. Brown believes Jackson’s insistence that Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek run the triangle puts the coach in an unfair spot. Brown also echoed an oft-levied criticism that the Knicks roster, particularly point guard Derrick Rose — whom Jackson brought in — is ill-equipped to operate the triangle.

“I can’t figure out how you can hire a coach and tell him how you want him to play,” Brown said Tuesday on Sirius XM, as transcribed by the New York Post. “… I can’t figure out how you draft players for a coach that you know coaches a certain style. … You’re talking about one of the greatest coaches in the history of our sport. Let him coach. If he wants to do the triangle, put it in and let him coach it and find players that are comfortable playing in it.”

Jackson has insisted his health — primarily a bad back and knees — prevents him from traveling extensively and handling the rigors of full-time coaching. But that shouldn’t mean Jackson should force-feed his relic of an offensive system on a coach and team ill-prepared to run it.

In the end, Brown suggests that if Jackson is so devoted to the triangle offense, no one is better equipped than him to to implement and coach it.

To say that Jackson’s handling of the Knicks this season has been abysmal might not go far enough. From his mishandling of the roster (highlighted by the additions of Rose and Joakim Noah) to his public feud with Carmelo Anthony to his constant meddling, Jackson deserves most of the blame for the Knicks organization’s continued dysfunction.

And bringing back the triangle isn’t going to change that one bit.