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Mohamed Sanu on blaming Lady Gaga for Super Bowl collapse: ‘Fake news’

Mohamed Sanu took to Twitter to dispute the notion he blamed Lady Gaga’s lengthy halftime show for the Atlanta Falcons’ historic collapse in losing Super Bowl LI. All this despite the fact Sanu arguably did in fact do that exact thing.

Sanu last Friday joined NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football,” and during his interview he was asked point blank if Lady Gaga’s extended halftime show had a negative impact on the Falcons coming out of the mid-game break.

“It definitely did,” Sanu replied.

Lady Gaga’s halftime performance was allotted 30 minutes, much longer than the standard 12-minute break typical of an NFL game.

Sanu bemoaned how such a long break — players were off the field for approximately 40 minutes — made it difficult for Falcons players to get back on track, saying, “I don’t know if you can simulate something like that.”

Sanu has been criticized for his comments, mostly stemming from how not only did both the Patriots and Falcons face the same obstacles, but the fact the Falcons actually extended their 21-3 halftime lead to 28-3 about midway into the third quarter.

Still, the Falcons wideout clearly isn’t pleased with the coverage of his comments, as he took to Twitter Monday to make his case by utilizing the now-wildly popular “fake news” angle.

Sanu then accused the media of fabricating the story.

Sanu’s supporters on Twitter not surprisingly are taking his side, arguing that Sanu merely was saying Lady Gaga’s performance was long. But he did admit the halftime show negatively impacted the Falcons. It doesn’t require much of a leap to make the inference that Sanu believes the Falcons would have fared better had it not been for the lengthy show. And isn’t that in some respect placing blame on it?