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Tony Romo takes great shot at Jimmy Kimmel ahead of Oscars (vid)

Tony Romo’s NFL future may be hanging in the balance this offseason, but that doesn’t mean the quarterback has lost his sense of humor.

Jimmy Kimmel, a pal of Romo’s, will serve as host the 89th Academy Awards on Sunday. As the late-night talk show star was participating in an interview with E! News, who else but Romo drops in for a very candid and concise pep talk via video chat.

“I mean, just don’t (expletive) up the Oscars,” Romo tells Kimmel.

But the great cheap shot was still to follow.

“I mean, at the end of the day, if they’re picking you, you know they ain’t got much to pick from,” Romo observed.

While that may or may not be true — no word on whether the Academy reached out to Billy Crystal for the umpteenth time — it’s a solid line from Romo.

Perhaps Romo’s wife Candice was right. Maybe her husband does have a future in Hollywood. She also said he might make a great D.J., too, for what it’s worth.

All said, Romo will likely land on his feet with another NFL team regardless of whether the Cowboys trade him or outright release him. So don’t expect the quarterback to be scheduling any auditions or spinning any records anytime soon. But he might want to stop taking potshots at Hollywood bigwigs in the interim. A guy like Kimmel could make life very difficult for Romo in La La Land. Not that he would.