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LeBron James reverses course, says he ‘always felt good’ about Cavs

What a difference a month can make.

LeBron James arguably contradicted himself and comments made last month by saying Thursday that he’s “always felt good” about the direction and makeup of the Cleveland Cavaliers this season.

James of course created a firestorm in January by putting the Cavs front office on blast, seemingly without provocation. In a post-game tirade following the team’s fifth loss in seven games, James unloaded on the makeup of the roster, saying it was “top-heavy as (expletive).”

James also implored the Cavaliers to add a “(expletive) playmaker” to the roster. This rant followed an earlier complaint from James that the Cavs desperately needed another point guard.

“We’re not better than last year,” James said at the time. “From a personnel standpoint.”

James’ outburst prompted Cavs general manager David Griffin to conduct a meeting with the superstar in the days that followed. The drama also spawned a war of words between James and Charles Barkley.

But on Thursday? James, who conceded Thursday he feels better about the team now, was singing a far different tune than in January.

“Had nothing to do about exactly the team, it was just the way we were playing,” James said after posting a triple-double in Thursday’s 119-104 victory over the New York Knicks, via’s Joe Vardon. “I’ve always felt good about the team. Coming into the season, even in January I felt good about our team, but you know it’s just about the way we were playing. So now I feel really good about the way we’re playing right now, and coach Lue has a pretty good handle for what he would like us to do on the court.”

The Cavaliers added Kyle Korver before James’ rant and just signed Derrick Williams to a 10-day contract, both of whom James said have “just fit in perfect.” But the Cavaliers didn’t make any moves ahead of the trade deadline. Was James okay with that?

“Listen the only thing that matters is the guys on the court and the guys who come to work every day,” James said. “The moves will be made by our GM and things of that nature. Coaching staff is ready to put the guys on the floor, so that’s my concern, that’s my mindset right now. Getting this team geared up for the postseason and we want to continue to play good ball.”

Since James’ outburst on Jan. 23, the Cavaliers (40-16) have won 10 of 14 games, are currently on a four-game winning streak and remain in command of the Eastern Conference.

Again, what a difference a month can make.