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Jimmy Butler on state of Bulls: ‘I just want to win at all costs’

Jimmy Butler is still a member of the Chicago Bulls despite rumors swirling he could have been shipped out of town ahead of Thursday’s NBA trade deadline.

With the dust still settling post-deadline, Butler now finds himself on a squad without Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott and three new teammates. Despite the roster shakeup and uncertainty about how the new-look Bulls will proceed going forward, Butler has only one thing on his mind: Winning.

“No organization is the same. Everybody operates differently. Everybody has different personnel. I don’t care if anybody wants to build around me. Just win,” Butler said Friday, via the Chicago Tribune. “At the end of the day, when you win, everything is fine whether you’re built around or not built around. Everybody’s happy. All of that is just background noise. I just want to win at all costs.”

Regarding trade rumors that he may be shipped off to the likes of the Boston Celtics or Atlanta Hawks — “You can always be moved,” Butler reminded reporters — the guard insists he’s happy staying in Chicago.

“Right now this is the organization I’m going to be with, these are the guys I want to compete with, coaches I want to play for. That’s all I can really focus on,” Butler said. “When everything else comes up then we’ll worry about that, but right now I ain’t going anywhere baby.”

Butler reportedly has had issues with the Bulls front office — he allegedly believed there were spies among Bulls staff who reported back to John Paxson and Gar Forman — the fact remains he’s still with the organization. That he wasn’t traded doesn’t demonstrate the team’s loyalty to him one way or the other, Butler insists.

Interestingly, Butler did seem to throw his support behind the front office, saying, “I think they’re going to put us in the best position possible to win games here.

The Bulls season has been a bumpy one to say the least, with dissent and in-fighting highlighting the evident turmoil. Despite the  dysfunction, the Bulls (28-29) nevertheless currently occupy the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Perhaps with the trade deadline and all the rumor, innuendo and speculation in the rear view mirror, the Bulls can simply follow Butler’s lead and focus on winning.