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Vince Young attempting to trademark ‘Make Vince Great Again’

Vince Young’s recent announcement he was attempting a comeback not surprisingly was met with some confusion. The fact alone the former quarterback last played a snap in the NFL in 2011 — not to mention he’s nearing 34 years of age — makes the development a curious one.

Regardless how things play out with Young’s arguably ill-fated comeback attempt, it appears he’s at least going to try to capitalize on a slogan associated with his desire to return to playing football.

Trademark watcher Erik Pelton, via The Dallas Morning News, has reported that Young a filed a trademark application for “Make Vince Great Again,” which of course is a play on words of Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

Among the quite lengthy rundown of presumably boilerplate items listed in the “Goods and Services” section of the trademark application, filed Feb. 19, the “Make Vince Great Again” slogan could be used for:

Entertainment and educational services, namely, the presentation of seminars, workshops and panel discussions, and ongoing television and radio shows all in the field of sports, athletics, self- and personal improvement…

Young initiated his comeback bid by signing with Leigh Steinberg, which was announced earlier this month on Twitter by the superagent himself.

EA Sports Madden NFL known for trolling football players on occasion concerning their NFL future, reacted to the news with this blistering tweet.

It goes without saying that the chances of a successful attempt at a return to the NFL is unlikely at best, to put it mildly. However, Steinberg has since stated his client may have a future in the Canadian Football League as he’s recently “opened discussions” with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

As it stands, Young, who officially announced his retirement in June 14, 2014 after a two-week stint with the Cleveland Browns, probably shouldn’t hold his breath on an NFL team contacting him anytime soon, for at least one good reason.

But if the comeback doesn’t work out, perhaps Young will somehow make money off the “Make Vince Great Again” slogan. Anything’s possible.