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Terry Collins jokes about Steven Matz’s shark-catching experience

Conventional wisdom would suggest the New York Mets organization couldn’t have been too happy about Steven Matz’s recent fishing excursion when he got up close and personal with a sizable bull shark.

But to hear it from Mets skipper Terry Collins — not to mention some social media activity from the team — the potentially dangerous encounter wasn’t viewed as a real big deal, all things considered.

It all started when Matz took to Twitter to document a fishing outing with fellow Mets pitcher Sean Gilmartin. Their day of fishing on the Florida coast was part of an appearance on “extreme online fishing show” BlacktipH.

The photo Matz posted to Twitter not surprisingly raised some eyebrows, as it showcased him reaching down out of the boat and making contact with a rather large bull shark.

The Mets seemed to make it clear the organization wasn’t overly concerned about the shark encounter — for the most part — by retweeting video posted by BlacktipH of the outing.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson mentioned he was aware of the two pitchers’ fishing excursion and had no issue with it.

Collins, on the other hand, says he didn’t know about Matz and Gilmartin hitting the ocean to fish. And once some pretty important details were cleared up, Collins similarly had no issue.

“Did he bite him?” Collins asked of the shark, via the New York Post.

After being informed Matz wasn’t injured, Collins laughed, saying, “Then it’s no problem.”

And there you have it. In other words, it’s all fun and games until a pitcher gets his arm bit off by a bull shark. Or something.