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Kristaps Porzingis makes eyes for model Abigail Ratchford on Instagram

Kristaps Porzingis typically tries to keep his personal life private, but the New York Knicks budding superstar has outed himself as a big fan of Instagram model Abigail Ratchford.

How? By dropping into the comments section of a Ratchford Instagram post, something that didn’t go unnoticed for very long.

It all started when Ratchford, who is known beyond social media for her work with Sports Illustrated, posted a photo showcasing a racy outfit she donned for a recent outing.

Amid the nearly 800 comments on the post is Porzingis’ googly-eyed observation, which he accomplished easily by solely posting two eyeballs emjois. Making the story even better is how Ratchford replied to Porzingis’ “comment” with eyeballs emojis of her own, along with a lips emoji.

Could love be in the air between the 21-year-old Latvian and the 25-year-old social media personality? Time will only tell, but if Ratchford somehow is a fan of European-born NBA stars who once rocked corn rows as a hip-hop loving adolescent, Porzingis might have a chance. And it’s not like the Knicks forward doesn’t make time for potential romance.

“I mean you always gotta find a little bit of time for the girls, right? But there’s nothing serious really. Nothing too serious,” Porzingis said in an interview last year with GQ.