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Colby Rasmus shaves magnificent beard shortly after its debut (pics)

Colby Rasmus arguably was sporting the finest — or at least most outrageous — outcropping of facial hair in all of MLB spring training … until he shockingly and sadly shaved it all off.

The Tampa Bay Rays outfielder showed up to camp with one incredibly unique beard. Foregoing the mustache, Rasmus’ wild facial hair resembled that of Abraham Lincoln … or perhaps Mose Schrute from “The Office.”

Evidence of Rasmus’ beard game came via what appears to be his official Rays photos.

Hoo boy. As the old saying goes, that beard is weird. About the only thing that can said about the look is that Rasmus could become the most popular baseball player among the Amish.

But that, unfortunately, is not to be, as the Rays took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to show how Rasmus ditched the beard for a much more clean look.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Kind of.