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Yoan Moncada’s toddler son already a bat-flipping prodigy (vid)

Yoan Moncada may be the top prospect in the Chicago White Sox organization, but when it comes to bat-flipping prowess? There’s no chance of Moncada holding a candle to his son’s serious bat-flip skills.

The craziest part? Young Robinson Moncado is all of two-and-a-half years old.

Robinson, who already has his own social media presence — what a world — had footage of his first career bat-flip posted to Instagram from his “baseball debut.” Well, actually tee-ball, but the kid isn’t even three, for crying out loud.

Impressive. Even Major League Baseball’s reigning bat-flip king, Jose Bautista, would be impressed with that action. In fact, Bautista even gets a shoutout in the Instagram post.

” @joeybats19 got nothing on me!” reads the post.

Indeed. Although young Robinson adds a little bit of flair that wouldn’t play well in the big leagues when he stops running down the baseline to go back to retrieve his bat. Adorable, yes, but a departure from bat-flipping fundamentals.

It’s a fantastic little video, to be sure, even though Papa Moncada isn’t quite sure how to react to it.

Despite the protests and endless bloviating from traditional baseball purists, the bat-flip apparently is here to stay. One needn’t look any further than how Moncada’s son demonstrates the next generation has joined the movement.

Want more proof? Check out this video of a four-year-old tee-baller who also showcases mad bat-flip skills. It’s not going away, folks.

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