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Stephen Curry trolls himself over meme’d Warriors’ All-Star photoshoot

The Golden State Warriors found themselves at the unfortunate center of a hilarious meme outbreak thanks to a photoshoot celebrating the team’s four All-Stars. But it looks like Stephen Curry may have gotten the last laugh.

The Internet went wild Thursday evening over photos of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Curry after the Warriors posted them to Twitter.

The case can be made — quite easily, actually — the pics leaned to the cheesy side, which elicited a series of amusingly mocking memes. There obviously are countless examples, but these are among the highlights:

But Curry arguably delivered the best zinger of all — especially given he was the target of said zings — with the following observation about the potential humorous inference due to the style of the photos.

Game. Set. Match.

Thanks to one intrepid Internet wiseacre, Curry’s self-deprecating troll-job now has its own meme.

Well played. Who says social media can’t be fun? Well, except Charles Barkley, of course.

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