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Russell Westbrook answers Kevin Durant questions with fashion talk (vid)

How things ultimately play out between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook while sharing the same bench as Western Conference teammates is arguably the most interesting subplot of 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend. Kevin Durant already briefly addressed it, so it makes sense for Russell Westbrook to do the same.

Unless Westbrook doesn’t feel like it, of course.

During a media availability session for the All-Star Game, the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar on Friday evaded every question posed about being Durant’s teammate for the weekend. How? By repeatedly bringing up fashion, of course.

It isn’t surprising Westbrook would be interested in discussing fashion, a definite area of interest for him (just ask Mark Cuban). It’s just how comical it was for Westbrook to use fashion as such an obvious an avoidance tactic.

Westbrook evidently answered every Durant question in a similar manner, per the Norman Transcript’s Fred Katz, but here’s a sampling, as transcribed by SB Nation.

Question: Hey Russ, what’s it gonna be like to be in that locker room with Kevin Durant?

Westbrook: Man, you know what, fashion week has been great. You seen fashion week? You been paying attention to fashion week? Man, a lot of great looking things at fashion week I’m looking forward to — new collections, it’s been good.

Question: Hey Russ, any discussion of you and KD playing together?

Westbrook: Man, you seen the new Public School clothing? Crazy. They got the new Jordan hoodie with MJ. It’s crazy, man. A lot of new great things with Fashion Week I’ve seen, man. What else is out? Gucci. The new Gucci stuff is dope. It’s good stuff, man.

Indeed it is, Russell. Indeed it is.

Interestingly, as noted by Pro Basketball Talk, this isn’t the only time Friday Westbrook sidestepped questions he didn’t want to answer by bringing up Fashion Week. To wit:

Well, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, as the saying goes.