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Steve Kerr talks pairing Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook at All-Star Game

One of the more compelling story lines that will play out over NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans is how Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook interact as Western Conference teammates.

Perhaps even more than that, it will be interesting to see how Steve Kerr, who will handle coaching duties for the West squad, will deal with Durant and Westbrook during Sunday’s marquee game.

Will the Golden State Warriors head coach plan his rotation so the two are never on the court at the same time? Or will Kerr manipulate the situation to force the teammates-turned-rivals to play alongside one another?

The latter, of course, could backfire. One only needs to look to the last time the two were on the same court together, albeit as enemy combatants.

Obviously , odds of such an ugly scene arising during an All-Star event where camaraderie rules the day and fraternity among players is the name of the game.

Still, the Durant-Westbrook situation nevertheless presents Kerr with quite the conundrum. The Warriors coach was asked how he intended to handle things ahead of Wednesday’s game against the Sacramento Kings.

“Honestly, I haven’t given it one bit of thought,” Kerr said, via the Mercury News. “Coaching the All-Star Game is kind of an oxymoron, anyway.”

When reminded the decision to play Durant and Westbrook together will be left up to him, Kerr admitted that is indeed the case.

“That’s a good point. That will be up to me,” he said, grinning. “The substitution patterns are kind of the one thing you actually do as a coach.”

Kerr’s most recent comments don’t make it clear what he’ll do come Sunday. But something he said Saturday about the KD-Russ situation may help ease tension going into to Sunday’s game.

“Maybe we’ll sing a song together,” Kerr said.

Yeah, that might work.