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Atlanta brewery cracks Deflategate joke while settling Super Bowl bet

Proving Deflategate may be gone but never forgotten, an Atlanta brewery managed to sneak in a joke about feeling “deflated” while settling a Super Bowl bet.

Sweetwater Brewery made a wager with Boston-based Samuel Adams regarding the outcome of Super Bowl LI. Once the hometown Atlanta Falcons blew a 25-point lead to lose to the New England Patriots in mind-boggling fashion, Sweetwater Brewery was on the hook to abide by the bet’s terms.

According to the wager, not only would the losing brewery have to rename a beer after the opponent, employees would have to wear the winning team’s colors for one day. Another employee would be offered up as an intern to the winning brewery as well.

Sweetwater Brewery have now made good on all three components, beginning last week with donning Patriots colors. The brewery also provided evidence of a newly named Patriot Extra Pale Ale on tap.

Making matters worse and rubbing salt in the wounds of the still-reeling Falcons fans at the brewery, evidence was posted Wednesday that 100 cans of the Patriots-themed beer remained.

The beer’s description on the side of the can is where the aforementioned Deflategate zinger was achieved.

Soul crushing pale ale that will leave you feeling deflated. No G.O.A.T. harmed in the creation of this beer (but we gave it our best shot.)” #rogerthat

Well played. Perhaps brewery employees would feel a little better about things if they took a trip to Zoo Atlanta to take a gander at a baby Madagascar hissing cockroach named after Tom Brady.

Fortunately for the brewery, though, the beer quickly sold out. And Sweetwater Brewery even allowed for some gallows humor in the announcement.

Well played once again. Cheers.

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