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Hassan Whiteside gives $25K cash to James Johnson to pay fine (vid)

Hassan Whiteside proved to be a man of his word by ponying up the money to pay Miami Heat teammate James Johnson’s $25,000 fine. And Whiteside did so in a flashy manner by producing the needed funds in cash.

Whiteside felt himself indebted to his teammate in light of the fact Johnson was fined for coming to his defense.

The incident in question occurred during the Heat’s 116-93 victory over the Atlanta Hawks on Feb. 1 when Taurean Prince caused Whiteside to crash to the floor with an aggressive pull. Johnson intervened by immediately coming to Whiteside’s defense.

The NBA announced afterward Johnson was fined the $25,000 “for escalating the situation in retaliation by throwing a forearm into the chest of Prince,” who was fined the same amount for his role in the incident.

Footage has now surfaced of Whiteside flashing a fat stack of cash to show he’s honored his promise to pay Johnson’s fine.

Whiteside did sign a a four-year, $98 million contract last July so it’s not like he’s hurting for money. Still, it was a nice gesture by Whiteside and a great way to thank Johnson for having his back.

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