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Tom Brady provides update on search for missing Super Bowl LI jersey

The case surrounding Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl LI jersey continues onward without many developments or reported leads. And the New England Patriots quarterback on Tuesday didn’t seem overly confident about getting the jersey back. Brady di mention, however, that the investigation continues.

“I hope I get it back,” Brady said on “PFT Live,” via Pro Football Talk. “If I don’t, I don’t. It’s a jersey. . . . I put it in my bag because I wanted to keep it. It’s just a nice piece of memorabilia to have, but I’m not sure where they’re at with that. I know I have to talk to somebody this week in regards to them trying to find it, but if they don’t, they don’t. It’s just a nice something to have, and we’ll see if it comes up.”

Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Monday seemed much more confident about the jersey turning up, saying, “One way or another that jersey will be back.”

Kraft also interestingly likened the theft of Brady’s jersey to “taking a great Chagall or Picasso or something.”

The disappearance of Brady’s jersey not surprisingly has been among the biggest Super Bowl story lines following the big game’s conclusion. Investigations last week helped in part to establish a timeline of the jersey’s possible theft.

On the other hand, more recent developments suggest that Brady’s jersey wasn’t even stolen in the first place and that is was merely misplaced. Subsequent reports suggest the possibility that the jersey could have been placed on a truck transporting Patriots gear back to Massachusetts from Texas.

Either way, with the NFL, Patriots and even members of the Texas law-enforcement community all working on the case, there remains hope that Brady will get his jersey back, even if he doesn’t seem too confident about that happening.