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Mr. Met outwits Noah Syndergaard in Valentine’s Day Twitter exchange

Noah Syndergaard probably should have just let this social media troll-job slide.

The New York Mets ace on Tuesday got hilariously trolled by none other than Mr. Met on Twitter. And to make matters worse, when Syndergaard tried to fire back at the mascot, he got burned even harder.

It all started when Mr. Met issued a Valentine’s Day-themed tweet about Syndergaard which featured a nerdy photo of the pitcher.

Syndergaard wasn’t about to allow the humorous slice of shade go without response, so he attempted to get back at Mr. Met with a veiled reference to his Valentine’s Day plans.

Syndergaard’s allusion to plans with Mrs. Met only opened him up to a savage shot.

Boom. Roasted. Talk about a Saint Valentine’s Day (Social Media) Massacre.

Syndergaard’s response?

Syndergaard, easily among the most entertaining professional athletes on social media, announced his return to Florida for spring training earlier this week with a great tweet featuring a Thor video.

While it’s all well and good for Syndergaard to give a nod to his nickname by invoking his superhero alter ego, in this instance, Mr. Met proved to be the one that brought the thunder.