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Noah Syndergaard announces spring training arrival with Thor video

Noah Syndergaard brilliantly announced his arrival in Florida on Sunday for spring training with a nod to his nickname and superhero alter-ego.

The New York Mets pitcher, a known social media provocateur who ranks among the best professional athletes on Twitter, posted video of Thor — as portrayed by Chris Hemsworth onscreen in the Marvel movies — slamming hammer Mjolnir into the ground.

Syndergaard, with his flowing blond locks, has long been identified by the Thor moniker, so his tweet is especially apropos. And that’s even more the case given what Syndergaard did over the offseason to better resemble the musclebound Norse god.

Given Syndergaard already is feared as a fire-baller, the notion he intends to throw harder probably isn’t a welcome development to major league hitters.

And how did Syndergaard put on so much muscle? Be eating large amounts of venison, of course.

With all this in mind, expect Syndergaard to be as dominant on the mound as he is entertaining on Twitter during the upcoming season.

Given that Mets manager Terry Collins already has named Syndergaard the opening day starter, the 24-year-old is now the de facto ace of the staff. It’s an honor the pitcher reluctantly appreciates.

“I really wouldn’t say I was the leader of this staff,” Syndergaard said Sunday at Tradition Field, via the New York Post. “We’re all leaders in our own way. We’re all pulling for one another. We’re all out there supporting. It’s like a brotherhood within a team. It’s really something cool to be a part of, and really special.

“But as far as Terry mentioning that, it’s just a huge honor to me. I’m ready to answer the call.”

In other words, let’s say Syndergaard — er, Thor — is eager to bring the hammer down.