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MLB makes ‘epic Bartolo Colon movie trailer you never knew you needed’ (vid)

Bartolo Colon is without question a fine baseball player whose longevity in the game refutes any notion otherwise. But in his latter years, Colon has attained cult-like status among fans thanks to his charismatic personality, portly frame and unorthodox approach to at-bats.

The 43-year-old amazingly is still going strong — his remarkable offseason workout videos establishes this as fact — and after a fine stint with the New York Mets, Colon is set to embark upon another season after signing a one-year, $12.5 million contract with the Atlanta Braves.

With that in mind, Major League Baseball is hyping the pitcher’s upcoming 20th season in the big leagues with an “epic Bartolo Colon movie trailer you never knew you needed.”

Amazing. Maybe we didn’t really need an “epic Bartolo Colon movie trailer,” but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fantastic and welcome diversion ahead of spring training.