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Kid busts out some sweet dance moves at H.S. basketball game (vids)

A 10-year-old boy is turning into something of a viral sensation thanks to some spectacular dancing at a recent high school basketball game.

Seth Vangeldren, who wants to be a hip hop dancer when he grows up, debuted his fresh moves during warm-ups at a Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, Fla. Soon enough, the entire gym was captivated by the youngster rocking a “Great Vibes” t-shirt.


Seth’s mother, Michelle Slater, says he works on his craft all the time.

“He goes in his room and he won’t come out until he’s perfected it, and then he comes out and shows us, but he won’t do it outside the house,” she said, via News-6 Orlando.

“I’ve been dancing for a year,” Seth said. “I think it took me a week or two to get the full song down.”

Seth admits all the attention caught him by surprise.

“It was actually cool, because I didn’t think they would stop the game and dance with me,” Seth said. “I didn’t see many people videotaping me because I was focusing on my dance.”

So what did young Seth have to say about his performance?

“I felt nervous at first, but once everybody was with me I felt confident,” Seth said.


Seth even took to his own Twitter account to showcase his magnificent moves.

Something about Seth suggests he’s going to be a star one day. Keep on dancing, kid.

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