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Tom Brady to charge $1,000 for autographed Super Bowl LI footballs

Tom Brady has partnered with a company for a “private signing” where avid and deep-pocketed memorabilia collectors will have to pay big bucks to land autographed Super Bowl LI-related memorabilia. And for additional substantial charge, the New England Patriots quarterback will even personalize items.

Fresh off the Patriots’ historic comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons, it has been announced Brady will be adding his John Hancock to numerous items, including footballs bearing the Super Bowl LI logo, jerseys, photographs and Patriots helmets, from mini to official size.

Brady is partnering with Tristar Productions — who he has worked with in the past — for the big-money autographed memorabilia push. As reported by TMZ, specific requests will be honored — for a price — but prices for items breaks down as follows:

Footballs — $1,000 each

Autographed photo — $850

Patriots mini-helmet — $900

Tom Brady “game day” style jersey — $1,200

Want him to add the words “5X SB CHAMP”? … that’ll be an extra $400.

He’ll also add a 20 character personalization for an additional $500.

Despite the exorbitant prices, expect any and all items available to move quickly, including those pieces of memorabilia collectors are willing to drop $500 to get personalized.

The order deadline is March 15 and each item will “include an individually numbered, tamper-evident TRISTAR Authentic hologram.” So that’s nice. Let’s just hope Brady is able to space out all that signing and writing, what with hand cramps and potential carpal tunnel and all that stuff.

Now, if only Brady could find that blasted missing Super Bowl jersey