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Charles Barkley calls ‘new generation’ of NBA players ‘AAU babies’

Charles Barkley is now firing back at NBA players who blasted him for his critical comments a few weeks ago about LeBron James.

The outspoken NBA on TNT analyst says there’s a good reason why the likes of Dwyane Wade and Draymond Green rushed to James’ defense: “This new generation” of NBA players are all “AAU babies.”

“This new generation, they all stick together, they all play together, they’re all AAU babies,” Barkley said Wednesday on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” when asked about how Wade and Green defended James. “Any type of criticism directed toward them, they consider it hate. Even if it’s a fair criticism, they consider it hate. So no, it does not bother me what the new generation thinks, to be honest with you. I know they all stick together, so that’s just part of it too.”

The feud all started when Barkley accused James of being “whiny” when blasting the Cavs front office in a fiery rant about the need to add a “(expletive) playmaker.”

James responded to Barkley’s barbs by calling the analyst out as a “hater” and taking to social media shortly afterward to post one his patented cryptic tweets as well.

Wade, one of James’ closest friends, called out Barkley for the criticism. Green, who is more a rival of James than a pal, argued Barkley had no right to talk because he never won a championship.

Barkley, despite the backlash, said last week he would never apologize to James. Interestingly, Barkley, as he did in his comments on “Mike and Mike,” railed against the new “generation” of NBA players, a not uncommon refrain from those who played in previous eras.

In the end, what can be gleaned from Barkley’s continued comments this week is that he will never back down after speaking his mind, regardless of the fallout.