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Brooklyn Nets unveil sponsor patches, get savaged on social media (pic)

The Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday became the fourth NBA team — joining the Sacramento Kings, Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics — to unveil sponsor logos that will appear on uniforms beginning next season. Unlike the first three teams, whose patches were met with reluctant acceptance — at best — the Nets’ new logos inspired near-universal disdain on social media.

The Nets took to Twitter to make the big reveal.

The Nets organization also made the announcement via a lengthy press release on its official website. The team touted Infor as a “global leader in industry-specific cloud software,” and says it looks forward to “fully-integrated partnership that will see cutting edge data science applied to Brooklyn Nets team performance and fan marketing.”

The press release goes on to detail how the Nets and Infor will accomplish those goals. And while the partnership may in fact yield positive dividends down the road, it didn’t help lessen the vitriolic reaction to the arguably distracting patches.

The unfavorable responses on Twitter ranged from sarcasm to outrage, but perhaps this one best captures the general theme of the countless tweets.

The case can be made that the Nets’ sponsor logo patches could have been better integrated into the overall look on the jerseys. But given Infor paid a whopping $8 million for the prime piece of advertising real estate lends itself better to the argument that the NBA asked for trouble by going down this path in the first place.

It doesn’t help in this particular situation, either, that the Nets boast an NBA-worst 9-43 record. The fans already were feeling pretty surly long before the sponsor logo was unveiled.