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Makes sense: Kobe Buffalomeat is named after Kobe Bryant (vid)

Kobe Buffalomeat became a national signing day sensation due to his unique name. It didn’t take long for the Internet to take notice of the incoming Illinois State Redbirds freshman.

Buffalomeat’s own Twitter bio even acknowledges that, “Yes, my name is Kobe Buffalomeat.”

But now that Buffalomeat revealed he is in fact named after Kobe Bryant, his name is that much more awesome.

The soon-to-be Redbirds freshman football player’s profile is undoubtedly rising. His appearance this week on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” certainly establishes that as fact.

During his interview with Kimmel, the following exchange occurred in which Buffalomeat shares the inspiration for his first name (via CBS Sports):

“Kobe had just entered the league a couple of years before I was born,” Buffalomeat said. “Oh after Kobe Bryant?” Kimmel replied. “Yeah, actually,” Buffalomeat said.

With that mystery solved, it’s relevant to note that his last name is of Native American descent. As noted by Deadspin, Buffalomeat is “is a quarter Cheyenne/Arapaho—a tribe hailing from Choncho, Oklahoma—a quarter Cherokee, a quarter Choctaw, and a quarter white.”

And when Kobe and Buffalomeat are paired? One fantastic football player name results. So much so, in fact, that actor/comedian Jordan Peele — of “Key and Peele” fame — took to Twitter to hail Buffalomeat’s fantastic name.

“Key and Peele” of course satirized hilarious football player names in a classic series of sketches (here and here) on their beloved Comedy Central program.

Sure, Kobe Buffalomeat is no Hingle McCringleberry of “Key and Peele” fame, but it certainly makes up for it by having a fantastic backstory.

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