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Johnny Manziel hopes for second chance: ‘I just want to get back on the field’

Johnny Manziel surfaced in suburban Houston on Thursday for his much ballyhooed Super Bowl Week autograph session.

Over 150 people showed up at a souvenir store at a mall in Katy, Texas, to catch a glimpse of the home-state star.

Not surprisingly, Manziel’s appearance did provide for a surreal scene or two.

While fans were charged for autographs, professional photos and selfies — despite Manziel’s previous claims indicating otherwise — the most interesting thing to come out of the appearance was the unemployed quarterback’s evident eagerness to return to the NFL.

Manziel didn’t address the media at the event, but CBS Sports’ Will Brinson and John Breech each paid $99 for an autograph to hear what the former Texas A&M sensation had to say. Suffice to say, Manziel made it clear that all he wants is a second chance at the NFL.

“I just want to get back on the field,” he said.

Manziel in recent weeks has gone public with his desire to stage an NFL comeback, saying he’s been training hard, remaining sober, taking responsibility for past mistakes and removing distractions from his life, as evidenced by how he recently deactivated his Twitter account.

The former Browns quarterback made it clear that should another NFL team take a chance on him, their risk would be rewarded.

“If I played in a preseason game, I’d treat it like the Super Bowl,” Manziel proclaimed.

Manziel’s future obviously remains up in the air. If and when he ever does catch on with an NFL team, Manziel faces the difficult task of proving to his new employer that all his highly publicized troubles are now in the past. There’s no shortage of baggage when it comes to Manziel, that much is certain.