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Jeff Van Gundy: Carmelo Anthony should join Clippers, come off bench

It remains to be seen whether or not Carmelo Anthony waives his no-trade clause in the coming weeks. But if Anthony does decide to move on from the New York Knicks organization, which NBA team makes the most sense?

One respected NBA insider believes there’s one team that suits Anthony best. And if it works out? Anthony should play the role of sixth man, so says ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy.

Reports suggest Anthony would waive his no-trade clause to join either the Cleveland Cavaliers or Los Angeles Clippers, although other teams have been floated as well.

The Cavaliers reportedly have balked on a deal that would ship Kevin Love to New York for Anthony. Van Gundy agrees Cleveland isn’t a great option for Anthony.

The Clippers, who reportedly have expressed interest in Anthony, make for a more interesting destination. Van Gundy touted the benefits of Anthony coming off the bench with the Clippers. And Van Gundy believes Anthony could swallow his pride and make the switch to sixth man.

“Great players can adjust to anything,’’ Van Gundy said, via the New York Post. “He can start, obviously. It’s not that he’s not one of their five best players. It’s trying to fit into the rotation that keeps enough firepower on the court. So they get healthy, they have guys who can score and still have DeAndre [Jordan] and Luc [Mbah a Moute]. If you’re bringing off Anthony at the 3 [or] 4, his ability when Griffin and Paul rest to carry an offense would be a perfect fit.’’

Fashioning a deal to deliver Anthony to the Clippers would require a lot of work, but the trade is theoretically possible. But would Anthony balk at being a bench player, as Van Gundy suggests? That’s the question. It depends on just how bad Anthony, who holds all the cards in this situation, wants to cut ties with the consistently habitually Knicks organization.

The Knicks-Anthony drama has been building for years and seems to have come to a head in recent weeks, with each day bringing a new development or another round of speculation.