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Twins attempt to capitalize on Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement (pic)

The pop culture world as we know it experienced a seismic event for the ages this week when Beyoncé announced her pregnancy and that she and husband Jay Z are expecting twins.

Social media denizens lost their collective minds at the news and now the Minnesota Twins not surprisingly are attempting to capitalize on the trending topic to end all trending topics.

The Twins obviously have an easy way to co-opt Beyoncé’s big announcement and benefit from people eagerly scouring social media for any bit of information Queen Bey-babies-related. So, the major league club’s Twitter account posted evidence of an apropos gift package for the growing family.

The Twins-themed gift package consists of jerseys for Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy, along with an adorable set of onesies for the twins.

The tweet is receiving far more action in the likes and retweet departments compared to other recent tweets, so it looks like the Twins’ attention-grabbing gambit was worth it.

The question, however, is if Beyoncé or Jay Z saw it. And if so, would the power couple even be interested in the gifts? After all, Jay Z, a New York native, is a longtime Yankees fan. And if Beyoncé is indeed a baseball fan, her allegiances may lie with her hometown Houston Astros.

But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

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