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Charles Barkley refuses to apologize to LeBron James for criticism

Charles Barkley doubled-down on his defense of his criticism last week of LeBron James, saying there’s no way he’s going to reach out to the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar to apologize.

The outspoken NBA on TNT analyst again discussed the situation Wednesday with Mike Wise of The Undefeated. Barkley was asked if it wouldn’t be best for all parties for him to reach out to James and apologize.

“For what?” Barkley replied. “For tellin’ the truth? What am I supposed to say, ‘You’re the greatest player in the world’? You’ve got two All-Stars and you want me to feel sorry for you? Do you think Carmelo [Anthony] would be happy with two All-Stars? I think he’d be happy.”

The feud all started when Barkley accused James of being “whiny” when blasting the Cavs front office last week. James, in a fiery rant, pleaded with management to bolster the roster by adding a “(expletive) playmaker.” James did tone down the rhetoric a bit on social media a day later, however.

James responded to Barkley’s barbs by calling the analyst out as a “hater.” Although James later did take to social media to post one his patented cryptic tweets as well.

Barkley had previously defended his criticism of James during a radio interview on ESPN Chicago, calling his analysis “fair” and his comments to Wise echoed those same sentiments. But he lamented at the end of The Undefeated interview about how today’s NBA players are too sensitive.

“It’s a different generation,” he said. “If we don’t say everything positive about them all the time, we’re a hater. But I’ve gotten more support than I saw coming. To be honest with you, it’s been great. Especially the guys in the media who are like, ‘Thank you. I can’t say it because I need to talk to him.'”

Barkley obviously is prone to making provocative statements without regard to whether or not what he says will hurt somebody’s feelings. This latest feud is simply just another example of his style rubbing folks the wrong way.

In other words, don’t expect Barkley to change one bit just because he got eviscerated by James.