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Jordan Peele gives shoutout to Illinois State recruit Kobe Buffalomeat

One of the biggest days of the college football offseason, National Signing Day, was in full swing on Wednesday when the Illinois State Redbirds announced that a highly touted offensive lineman out of Lawrence, Kan., had joined the program’s 2017 recruit class.

While that on some level is sufficient to warrant celebration on Illinois State’s behalf, it’s the young man’s incredibly unique name that is certain to draw attention from all corners of the country.

Kobe Buffalomeat.

Buffalomeat took to social media to announce his decision on Twitter, where his bio reads, “Yes, my name is Kobe Buffalomeat.”

Perhaps best of all is how actor/comedian Jordan Peele — of “Key and Peele” fame — took to Twitter to hail Buffalomeat’s fantastic name.

What makes Peele’s praise especially significant — and awesome — is how “Key and Peele” satirized hilarious football player names in a classic series of sketches (here and here) on their beloved Comedy Central program.

Sure, Kobe Buffalomeat may lack the lyrical qualities of Key and Peele’s Hingle McCringleberry, but it certainly makes up for it in originality. And hey, the craziness part of it all? It’s a real name. Wow.