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Carmelo Anthony addresses his cryptic tweet, LeBron James drama

Carmelo Anthony has had plenty to say in recent weeks as his future with the New York Knicks organization hangs in the balance. The superstar continued that trend this week by discussing a cryptic tweet he posted on Tuesday as well as LeBron James’ epic takedown of Charles Barkley.

Shortly after Anthony mentioned the decision on whether or not he will waive his no-trade clause depends largely on the wishes of his family, he took to Twitter to post the below cryptic message.

Anthony was asked by reporters to explain the meaning behind the cryptic tweet following the Knicks’ 117-101 loss to the Washington Wizards.

“Come on man,” Anthony said. “No. No. Stop it please.”

The media pressed further, prompting Anthony to say there were “no sublims” behind the tweet, as in no subliminal message was intended.

Earlier in the day, Anthony was asked about pal LeBron James’ venomous tirade Monday night against Charles Barkley, who called the  superstar “whiny” over recent comments critical of the Cleveland Cavaliers front office.

“At the end of the day, I think he’s human,” Anthony said at Knicks shootaround before Tuesday’s game, via ESPN. “Like, we all are human. Even though we are considered these kind of superheroes, super athletes, and nothing is supposed to affect us and we just go through life just taking it on the chin, it affects us in certain ways.

“I think in his situation, maybe he just got tired of … hearing it from that particular person.”

Anthony frequently is asked for his opinion on the goings-on involving James, and he not surprisingly — much like Dwyane Wade — defends his longtime NBA pal (here and here), as was the case in this occasion.

It’s also not the first time Anthony has been asked about his occasional forays into cryptic commentary on social media. With all that in mind — especially in light of the return to Knicks’ all-too-familiar return to organizational dysfunction — it can be expected that the media will continue to seek out Anthony for his thoughts.