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Jim Harbaugh does Jim Harbaugh stuff, jumps into pool with recruit (vid)

Jim Harbaugh landed yet another highly prized recruit this week by convincing four-star wide receiver Oliver Martin to join the Michigan Wolverines football program.

And Harbaugh, as he is wont to do, did some patented Harbaugh-like stuff to celebrate.

The fiery Wolverines head coach, joined by assistant Pep Hamilton, revealed Martin’s commitment in a video posted to Twitter by 247Sports’ Steve Wilfong. It it, the three simultaneously jump into a pool — fully clothed, mind you — while unleashing a chorus of hoots and hollers.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why in the heck is Harbaugh near a pool anyway?” It turns out Martin’s sister Ruby is a big-time swimmer and was getting in a workout as her family looked on. So at least there’s some method to Harbaugh’s madness. We think.

Perhaps we should have been tipped off by Harbaugh’s impending pool antics when an image was tweeted of him donning a swim cap and goggles when posing for photos.

Styling. Harbaugh is rocking that swim headgear with an “Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind,” a phrase that of course comes from a 2015 Harbaugh tweet that is so Harbaugh-ian it should be wearing Dockers.

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