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Chicago Cubs announce a ‘Wrigley Field Seat Sale’

The Chicago Cubs have announced a limited number of seats left unused due to recent Wrigley Field renovations are available for purchase.

Dubbed the “Wrigley Field Seat Sale,” the details of how Cubs fans can drop a big chunk of change for a piece of historic memorabilia from the iconic ballpark are as follows, per the team’s site.

As part of our ongoing effort to restore and modernize Wrigley Field, several sections of seats have been or will be removed and replaced during the offseason. Removal and replacement of ballpark seats began during the 2015 offseason and most recently took place at the start of the 2016 offseason. As we continue The 1060 Project, Wrigley Field seats will be removed and replaced and may be available for purchase.

These seats were authenticated with Major League Baseball’s seal of authenticity and will be available to purchase as two-seat sets.

The sale begins on Friday, Feb. 3. The Cubs are selling a seat removed during the 2015 offseason for $799. Seats recently removed during the 2016 offseason, to no surprise, retail for $899. Shipping for either seat will run a collector $132.99.

For a Cubs fan, there may be no sweeter piece of ballpark memorabilia than a seat that was actually in Wrigley Field when the Cubs at long last broke their century-plus World Series drought. But $899, though? That seems pretty steep.

That doesn’t mean the seats won’t be scooped up as quick as they’re made available, though, as it has been proven on at least one occasion that Cubs fans will pay a premium for anything related to the team’s magical championship run.

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