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Kris Bryant honored by landing coveted 2017 Topps Card No. 1 (pic)

Chicago Cubs superstar Kris Bryant has earned yet another honorable accolade in his brilliant yet young baseball career: Landing the coveted Card No. 1 in the upcoming 2017 Topps baseball-card set, which will go on sale Feb. 1.

Bryant snagged Card No. 1 courtesy of week-long online vote held in October after being named to a list of 16 finalists. It was the second time Topps has held an online vote of this nature with Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout receiving the honor in 2016.

“It’s a huge honor to be chosen as Card No. 1 since it has depicted so many legends before me,” Bryant said, via “It’s very humbling and nice to know it came from the fans.”

To be tabbed as Card No. 1 puts Bryant — already an NL Rookie of the Year, NL MVP and World Series champion — in some pretty heady company.

As noted by Big League Stew, previous No. 1s is a veritable who’s who of MLB icons, including: Jackie Robinson (1953), Ted Williams (1954, 1957, 1958), Roger Maris (1962), Willie Mays (1966) and Hank Aaron (1974, 1975, 1976).

Card No. 1s of the past 10 years feature some big names as well: Mike Trout (2016), Derek Jeter (2015), Mike Trout (2014), Bryce Harper (2013), Ryan Braun (2012, 2011), Prince Fielder (2010), Alex Rodriguez (2009, 2008).

“Kris Bryant is an outstanding player with an infectious personality,” said David Leiner, General Manager and Vice President of Topps North American Sports & Entertainment. “He’s done so much in his career and has created fans throughout baseball regardless of team loyalties. He’s the perfect pick for Card No. 1 for 2017 Topps Baseball.”

All told, not too shabby for being in the big leagues all of two seasons, to put it mildly.