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Mark Cuban claims to own a pair of ‘styyyy-lish’ Russell Westbrook jeans

Mark Cuban earlier this season doubled-down on a claim by again questioning whether Russell Westbrook really is a legitimate NBA superstar. But when it comes to a “styyyy-lish” pair of jeans, the Dallas Mavericks owner cannot help but give credit where credit is due.

Cuban’s Mavericks square off against Westbrook’s Oklahoma City Thunder squad for the first time this season. Perhaps as a way to discourage any further discussion of his continued critiquing of the triple-double machine, Cuban instead went out of his way to claim he owns a pair of jeans from the Russell Westbrook Collection, the star’s fashion line through True Religion.

And not only that, Cuban — perhaps sarcastically, maybe jokingly, who knows — gushed over the jeans, saying he loves his pair.

“By the way,” Cuban said, via The Dallas Morning News. “I bought some of his jeans. I like them. They fit me. It’s styyyy-lish. I think he’s got a market with 50-year-old team owners.”

And then Cuban busted out the dreaded “S” word to describe how Westbrook’s jeans make him feel.

“You know,” Cuban added, “it makes me feel almost like a superstar.”

That Mark Cuban. Such the trolling wisenheimer.

Cuban’s discussion of Westbrook’s superstar legitimacy began last postseason. Then, in December, Cuban reluctantly conceded that while perhaps not quite a superstar, Westbrook has had the appearance of one.

“We’ll see (at the end of the season) if he’s a superstar or if he’s pretty damn good,” Cuban said.

Cuban has since backed down a bit from his original stance, saying, “If he’s not a superstar, he’s the closest thing to it.”

Westbrook’s superstar status aside, it’s hard to say whether Cuban actually owns a pair of Westbrook jeans or if he simply used the claim as a jumping-off point to make a “superstar” joke. But the brash Mavs owner insists it’s true.

“Oh, yeah,” Cuban said when asked to confirm. “I’ve worn them to a couple of games.”

But Cuban did stress that he didn’t opt for the skinny-style version of Westbrook’s jeans.

“They fit me,” Cuban insisted. “Nothing I wear is tight anymore.”

Enough said.