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Contestant makes Warriors references in wagers during ‘Final Jeopardy’

A “Jeopardy!” champion from episodes of the iconic game show this week was winning with such ease he started making references to the Golden State Warriors in his wagers during “Final Jeopardy.”

Through Wednesday’s broadcasts, Loren Lee Chen was a two-time champion, blowing away his two competitors. But when he really shined was in “Final Jeopardy” with his numerical-based jokes about the NBA team.

On Tuesday’s episode, Chen ultimately won handily while netting $19,899 in the process. But check out the amount of his wager in “Final Jeopardy,” $301.

It turns out the $301 wager was a cold-blooded reference to the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

How do we know that? Well, Chen continued making oddly specific wager amounts in Wednesday’s episode as defending champion, during which he pocketed an additional $16,139.

With a win well in hand, Chen’s wager in “Final Jeopardy” was $739, an amount that elicited the following observation by host Alex Trebek.

“Interesting,” Trebek said of the amount. “I don’t know what it really means.”

That, folks, evidently is a reference to the Warriors posting an NBA-record 73-9 regular season in 2015-16.

Chen acknowledged the Warriors references when asked on Twitter about the $739 wager, not to mention why he’s so keen on making NBA-based jokes during “Final Jeopardy.”

Yep, Chen is a basketball podcaster, working with two colleagues producing “On the NBA Beat.” So, it makes sense he’d be able to drop basketball knowledge with such ease, albeit in clever ways. And while the Warriors might appreciate the 73-9 reference, there’s no chance they enjoy a joke about them blowing it in the Finals. Yeah.

Anyway, the world of sports routinely is a source of comedic fodder during “Jeopardy!” episodes. Although Chen’s antics were more clever than the typical incidents of humiliation.

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