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Basketball player’s eyeball pops out during New Zealand pro game (pic)

A grisly scene played out during a National Basketball League in New Zealand when New Zealand Breakers forward Akil Mitchell suffered a grotesque injury when his eyeball popped out during a play.

The frightening scene played out late in the fourth quarter of the Breakers’ 94-81 NBL loss to Cairns in Auckland on Thursday. Mitchell was inadvertently poked in the eye by Taipans centre Nnanna Egwu, causing it to pop out of socket. Mitchell immediately went to the floor in obvious pain.

Play was halted approximately 15 minutes as Mitchell was treated. He ultimately walked off the court with a towel covering the ghastly injury.

Breakers general manager Dillon Boucher updated journalists on Mitchell’s status, shockingly pointing out the injury wasn’t as bad as it seemed, what with the player’s eyeball popping out of its socket.

“The early reports are very positive that the injury is not as serious as first feared,” Boucher said. “Akil’s immediate recovery has been such that he is being released to return home, but will undergo further medical tests tomorrow.

“This is obviously the best possible news after what was a frightening situation.”

Footage of the profoundly disturbing injury has made its way to the Internet.

But be forewarned, this is unedited video featuring footage of a man’s eyeball popping out.

*********** VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED ***********

If there’s ever been a worthy sports video worthy of the oft-used “Nightmare Fuel” label, well, this one is it.

Amazingly, as noted by Boucher, Mitchell actually was sent home the same night he suffered the horrific injury. Mitchell must have been feeling much better, as he employed some gallows humor when updating everyone via Twitter on his status.

Wow, eyeballs emoji? Didn’t see that coming.

Mitchell, 24, played four seasons at the collegiate level in the States with the Virginia Cavaliers. He went undrafted in 2014 but had stints in the Summer League with the Houston Rockets in 2014 and the Brooklyn Nets in 2015. Mitchell also spent some time in the NBA Development League as well in 2014.