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Robin Lopez battles Stuff the Magic Dragon in latest mascot run-in (vid)

Robin Lopez and mascots are like oil and water. They just don’t mix. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that the Chicago Bulls center had yet another run-in with one of his costumed foils, this time involving Orlando Magic mascot Stuff the Magic Dragon.

Tuesday’s antics began with Stuff holding up some signs bearing messages for Lopez. The first sign intended to get Lopez’s attention. The second one seemed innocuous enough with Stuff showing the top of it, which read “Smile” and a happy face.

But when the rest of the sign of displayed it involved a joke about Lopez proudly proclaiming he committed an odorous act of flatulence. Then all hell broke loose when Stuff cracked Lopez on the noggin with said sign.

Lopez reacted like he was not too amused with Stuff’s antics and proceeded to chase the mascot off the court.

Good times.

As noted, Lopez’s playfully contentious relationships with innumerable NBA mascots has been well-documented over the years. Further, it wasn’t even the first time Lopez and a mascot were involved in sign-based shenanigans.

To wit, here’s Lopez mixing it up with the Toronto Raptors mascot last season.

In all honesty, it’s hardly surprising mascots have it out for Lopez. Sheesh.