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Dwyane Wade discusses his NBA future beyond this season

Dwyane Wade admitted how the Chicago Bulls fare this season will go a long way in determining whether he exercises his player option with the team for the 2017-18 season. But the veteran also indicated other variables will be taken into consideration as well.

“I can’t play this game forever,” Wade said of the importance of the Bulls enjoying a good season following Tuesday morning’s shootaround, via the Chicago Tribune. “I just turned 35 and I have a number in my head on how long I want to play. And at the end of the day you want to be in a situation, whether it’s a competitive situation or whatever it may be.”

Should Wade decide to stay in Chicago, the Bulls will owe him $23.8 million. But the veteran admits he’s reached a stage in his career where money means little. He also pointed out how he’s won three NBA titles and been to five NBA Finals, so “ring-chasing” isn’t really something that intrigues him at this stage in his career.

“It’s tough in this league, as well because a lot of it also depends on how much money you’re willing to make. It depends on what city you’re willing to be in. So it’s a lot of variables to that. But no question about it, what happens throughout this year as I go into my summer, I’ll definitely take a look at it. I take my career seriously, and where I am, where I want to be, and I will do the same thing this summer.”

The Bulls certainly have experienced some drama off the court with the dysfunctional Rajon Rondo situation during Wade’s first season. The Bulls also haven’t fared as well as expected on the court, either. Heading into Tuesday’s tilt against the Orlando Magic, Chicago sits at 22-23 and is slotted as the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.

While critical at times of the Bulls’ inconsistency and predictability, Wade nevertheless has enjoyed his first season back in his hometown.

“I’m happy with the organization and how they’ve approached things, but I’m not happy with our record,” he said.