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Charles Barkley again rips TNT for airing Knicks game (vid)

Charles Barkley, never afraid to ruffle some feathers — even those of his employer — ripped TNT once again Monday night for airing a New York Knicks game, something he specifically has done in the past.

The NBA on TNT studio crew were handling pregame coverage ahead of the Knicks’ showdown with the Indiana Pacers when Barkley confronted Ernie Johnson on why the network would wasted time airing games of such a mediocre team.

“Hey Ernie, seriously, why are we showing the Knicks?” Barkley asked.

“Why are you asking me that question?” Johnson replied.

“Because, Ernie, you run things around Turner sports,” Barkley said.

When EJ noted there were nine games on the NBA slate Monday night, Barkley argued there had to be better options than the Knicks-Pacers tilt.

“And this is the one we came up with?” Barkley asked.

As noted above, this isn’t the first time Barkley has expressed dismay over TNT airing a Knicks game. Back in 2015, the opinionated and unfiltered analyst said he would quit his job at the network if it ever aired another Knicks game.

Barkley’s threat to resign obviously was an empty one. But his unhappiness with TNT over broadcasting a Knicks game brings up a troubling question: How sad is it that the Knicks organization remains dysfunctional enough to be a target of Barkley’s ire over two years later?

For what it’s worth, the Knicks (20-26) actually won, beating the Pacers by a score of 109-103, ending a two-game losing streak. That said, odds are the win didn’t change Barkley’s stance on airing Knicks games.