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Marshawn Lynch ghost rides a monster truck, demolishes Jeep (vid)

To say that Marshawn Lynch is enjoying his retirement just might be a huge understatement.

The former Seattle Seahawks superstar has been everywhere since calling it a career. And his latest endeavor involved ghost riding a monster truck before using it to demolish a Jeep.

Lynch’s madcap foray into vehicular destruction was part of an upcoming appearance on Discovery’s high octane show, “Diesel Brothers.” Watch as Lynch does a bit of ghost riding before going Beast Mode on that Jeep.


Lynch of course has a history with ghost riding. Back in 2006, Lynch, then a running back for the Cal Bears, commandeered an injury cart following a victory over the Washington Huskies.

Let’s just say the move certainly set the stage for the future NFL star’s foray into delightful eccentricity.

Even better, Cal actually celebrated Lynch’s antics with a ghost ride-themed Bobblehead last season.

All that aside, the video of Lynch ghost riding a monster truck might just be the most quintessential Marshawn Lynch clip of all-time.

Then again, footage of Lynch popping wheelies on a Skittles BMX bike in Scotland before narrowly avoiding getting hit by a bus would be a worthy alternative as well.

Yeah. In other words, it’s good to be Marshawn Lynch. As it’s always been.

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