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LeBron James bids farewell to President Obama, says, ‘Enjoy retirement’ (vid)

LeBron James bid a heartfelt farewell to Barack Obama and his family as his presidency ends and the Donald Trump administration takes over running the country.

James, who counts the Obama family as his “friends,” took to Twitter to post his good bye in a video post via his multimedia site Uninterrupted.

Saying the Obamas “have been a true inspiration — not only to myself, to my family and my kids, but to everybody,” James highlights the impact the former First Family has had on not only him, but the country.

“You guys have set the standard on ‘you can’,” James said.

With Trump being sworn in as the nation’s 45th president Friday, James addressed the difficult transition the Obamas face.

“It’s sad to even think about you, you guys packing up and leaving the White House,” James said. “I remember the inauguration when you was going in, and it seemed like it was just yesterday. But you definitely left a place in history, you left a place in my life and my family’s life and, um, and all I can say is thank you.”

James was a vocal and passionate supporter of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, making appearances at a rally with her in Cleveland. Upon Trump’s election, James posted a passionate plea on Instagram to help inspire his like-minded followers in light of his disappointment.

James, when addressing Trump’s victory, spoke at length about the outcome with comments that included the lukewarm observation, “I mean, he is our president.”

Obama clearly became a significant and inspirational figure in James’ life. And the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar put things in an optimistic perspective as he thanked the outgoing president for his eight years of service.

“Enjoy retirement,” James said.