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Tim Duncan stars in fantastic ad for new cereal ‘Slam Duncan O’s’ (vid)

One doesn’t generally think of Tim Duncan when it comes to charismatic pitchmen. But when the time came for a local Texas grocery chain to promote a new cereal celebrating the recently retired San Antonio Spurs star, it made perfect sense to capitalize on Duncan’s unassuming and low-key personality by having him star in a absolutely fantastic commercial.

H-E-B Grocery Stores, based in San Antonio, recently introduced “Slam Duncan O’s” in honor of Spurs icon.

The cereal evidently features “delicious naturally flavored honey nut toasted O’s as ‘Hoops’ and crisp, chocolatey puffs as ‘Basketballs.'”

In other words, Slam Duncan O’s are essentially a hybrid comprised of cereal derivatives inspired by Honey Nut Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs. Not a bad start, to say the least.

“We’ve made it so that everyone can make a slam dunk, just like Tim!” the promotional materials read.

But it gets even better, as Duncan himself — not one to put himself “out there” too much — stars in a promotional spot for the new cereal. In the commercial, Duncan leads a Slam Duncan O’s focus group comprised of children. Whimsical hi-jinks of course ensue.

Fantastic. In all honesty, that is exactly how one expects it to go if Duncan ran a cereal research group that included only kids.

Only 400,000 boxes of Slam Duncan O’s reportedly have been made. And it appears that the cereal will only be available at H-E-B stores and won’t be available for shipping outside of Texas. H-E-B anticipates the entire lot will be sold out within three months.

But hey, even if Duncan fans outside of the Lone Star State can’t get their mitts on the cereal, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Tim Duncan Foundation. So that’s nice.

Better yet, we got to see Duncan appear in a local San Antonio ad, which is always a good thing.

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