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Rajon Rondo on plans following playing career: ‘I absolutely want to coach’

Rajon Rondo has said he wants to continue playing in the NBA for “six or seven more years.” But once it’s all said and done and his pro basketball career is at its end? The Chicago Bulls guard has been preparing for some time now for his next professional endeavor.

“I absolutely want to coach,” Rondo said in the Bulls locker room following Tuesday’s 99-98 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, via the Chicago Tribune.

But not just an assistant. Rondo wants to be an NBA head coach.

While it seems somewhat curious on the surface given his infamous run-ins with his head coaches throughout his career (here and here), Rondo’s interest is nevertheless legitimate, and he’s making every effort to learn everything he can while still playing.

“I’ve been preparing to coach since I left Boston, really,” Rondo said. “I study all of my coaches. I watch the way they move, the timeouts they call, plays they draw up out of timeouts, how they run practices, speeches they give. I’m trying to follow it all. I see how players gravitate toward different coaches.

“I actually went back (to Louisville) a couple (of) days ago and saw my high school coach (Doug Bibby). He’s one of the best: his delivery, how he encourages players, the confidence he gives them, his attention to detail in timeouts. I’m taking my notes on a lot of different stuff.”

Rondo’s combustible personality notwithstanding, he certainly seems to possess the drive to pursue coaching. And as for immediately jumping into the NBA head coaching ranks? The likes of Jason Kidd has done it. Why not Rondo?

“That’s the plan. Hopefully I can transition right into it after playing instead of having to sit out or going a different route,” Rondo said. “I know it’s not an easy job. But I respect that this is the highest level of being a coach. If I needed to go an assistant route, I’d do it. But I don’t know if it would need that.”

Rajon Rondo, NBA head coach. Kind of has an intriguing ring to it.